Macmillan Education is a global publisher with a local presence.

You’ll find us operating in over 130 countries worldwide yet our global vision does not detract from our regional specialisation. Working locally allows us to get close to the people who matter – the students, teachers, institutions and educational authorities who use our products and with whom we’ve developed lasting and reciprocal relationships.

Today Macmillan Education publishes English Language teaching (ELT), school curriculum, Spanish curriculum, digital and online materials to suit the need of classrooms around the world. Our publishing is supported by a wealth of educational services, like teacher training and online learning, which underpins our commitment to deliver the most effective and appropriate resources for education today.

Macmillan Mobile Apps

Our range of mobile apps continues to expand, offering on-the-go language learning, teacher tools and resources. With apps focussing on pronunciation, exam practice, dictionaries and more, you’re sure to find something useful.

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