• Sing, dance and learn

    Join the Bebop Band characters Leo, Eddy, Flo and Susie as they return with eight new Storysongs and Action Songs to accompany level 2 of the Bebop pre-primary series. Building on language from Bebop Band 1 App, Bebop Band 2 helps children expand their vocabulary on topics covered in the course, including: mealtimes, school routines and places in town.

  • Developing vocabulary through ASL

    As children better retain new words through gesture, Bebop Band 2 incorporates Total Physical Response movements in every Action Song. Taking this a step further, the app includes 61 video flashcards using American Sign Language (ASL) to teach children a new language while they develop their vocabulary.

  • Play and unlock

    Give your child an extra language boost with 32 interactive games to accompany each unit of Bebop Level 2. Help Eddy, Flo, Susie and Leo to solve four games in each unit to unlock the Bebop Band theme song. All the games from unit 1 are available for free, with the option to purchase all the games in the app for $1.99/£1.49.