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    Sing along with the Band

    As children love to sing, dance and move about, Bebop takes a multi-sensory approach to learning that incorporates sight, sound and motion. Join Leo, Eddy, Flo and Susie – the four characters from the Bebop Band – in 8 animated musical stories (Storysongs) to teach children values and introduce them to new vocabulary.

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    Practise and play

    Play with the Bebop Band characters in 32 interactive games, all designed to stimulate children’s vocabulary and memory for further language practice.  An essential part of a child’s development, playing encourages creativity and allows children to learn in a relaxed environment.  Children play memory games, test their reflexes and even play games of hide and seek in the app to unlock the Bebop Band theme song.

    Shortlisted for the 2014 ESU President’s Award, the Bebop Band 1 App offers an easy way to bring technology into the teaching and learning of English for young learners.

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    Learning through motion

    Featuring 8 Action Song videos, the app uses Total Physical Response movements to help children retain new words they learn by associating new vocabulary items with movements and dance.

    While signs and gestures are often used in the pre-primary classroom, Bebop Band 1 introduces standard American Sign Language (ASL) actions to engage students’ kinaesthetic learning styles. A wealth of Video Flashcards, all featuring ASL translations, is included in the Bebop Band 1 App to cover all of the key vocabulary from Bebop Level 1.