Volume Purchases

We are pleased to offer educational institutions and businesses the option of purchasing iOS apps in volume. These apps can then be distributed to your students and staff in any way you wish. All Macmillan iOS apps (including IELTS Skills and Sounds: The Pronunciation App) are eligible.

The Volume Purchase Programme is available in the following countries:
Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States.

How it works

1. Buy apps

Through the Volume Purchase Programme Education Store, your institution’s Programme Facilitators can use a credit card to purchase apps in volume.

Enrol in the Volume Purchase Programme through Apple’s website here.

Then search for the app in the Volume purchase store. Choose the quantity of the apps you wish to purchase (Note – orders of 20 or more qualify for a 50% discount on the price of the app)

2. Get and distribute codes

After making a purchase, Programme Facilitators receive a unique code for each app. Codes can then be distributed to students, teachers, administrators or anyone at the institution who will be using the apps

3. Redeem codes

Once they have their codes, end-users go to the iTunes Store to redeem them. They just enter the code and download the apps to their devices.

Apple’s FAQ page about Volume Purchases of apps.


– Apps will be provided at a discounted rate of 50% of retail price.
– You must purchase the app in quantities of 20 or more to qualify for this offer.
– You will be provided with download codes for the apps on purchase. It is your responsibility to distribute these codes to your end users.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I purchase apps?

You’ll receive an email from Apple telling you that your order has been processed. You can log in to the Volume Purchase Programme Education Store and download a spreadsheet containing app-specific codes — one code per app purchased.

Who owns the apps purchased by an institution through the Volume Purchase Programme for Education?

When your institution purchases an app via the Volume Purchase Programme for Education, your institution has the option of retaining ownership of the app (additional terms and conditions apply). When a student moves on, your institution can make the app available to another student.

Your institution may also purchase an app via the Volume Purchase Programme for Education and send the app-specific code to the end-user, who will redeem the code in the end-user’s iTunes account. In this case, the end-user will own the app.

Apple’s FAQ page about Volume Purchases of apps.